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Price Changer For WooCommerce ( A WordPress Plugin – Pro version )

Bulk product price changer plugin for WordPressWooCommerce.

This is Supported for any product type like:
Simple, Variable, WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Subscriptions ( simple and variable subscription also ).

Change products price in WooCommerce store, without affect database and edit/update original price from admin product page( prices remain same in database and admin side ). No matter even you have listed millions of products in your store and it is any product type.

Plugin options
Enable plugin

This plugin offers a comprehensive range of features that can greatly enhance your website’s functionality. However, if you choose the “No” option, all of these features of the plugin will be disabled.
This means that you will not be able to access any of the plugin’s capabilities, and your website will not benefit from the added functionality it provides.

Price action

Plugin allows you to have full control over the pricing strategy of your business. With the ability to choose between increasing or decreasing prices, you can easily adapt to market trends and maximize your profits.
Whether you want to attract more customers with lower prices or increase your revenue with higher prices, our product gives you the flexibility to make strategic decisions that will benefit your bottom line.

Registered users only


This plugin line now offers updated prices that are available to registered users only.
By creating an account on website, customers can unlock special pricing on a wide range of products, ensuring they get the best deals possible. Generally not applicable for guest users.

User first order only

New updated pricing policy that applies specifically to the User’s first order.
The pricing structure has been revised to offer a more competitive and attractive rate for new customers.
By implementing this strategy, the company aims to incentivize potential buyers to make their initial purchase, thereby establishing a strong foundation for a long-term customer relationship.
The updated prices are designed to provide a cost-effective solution for users who are exploring the product for the first time, encouraging them to experience the benefits and value it offers.

Price change by

This offers a convenient and efficient solution for adjusting prices based on either a percentage or an amount.
With its user-friendly interface, you can easily input the desired percentage or amount to modify the prices of their products. Whether it is a price increase or decrease, this plugin allows for quick and accurate adjustments, ensuring that businesses can adapt to market changes effectively.
By this option to change prices by percentage or amount, this function caters to the diverse needs of businesses, allowing us to implement pricing strategies that align with our specific goals and objectives.

Price rounded

Rounding the final price to the nearest whole number can make the product appear more affordable and can simplify the purchasing process for customers.
On the other hand, including decimal values in the price can convey a sense of precision and quality, which may be appealing to certain customers who are willing to pay a premium for a more exact pricing structure or if it should include decimal values.

Enter % or amount

Here a user-friendly option that allows you to effortlessly calculate the final price of a product by entering either a percentage or an amount figure.
This innovative feature aims to simplify the purchasing process and interface to change prices in % or amount with a clear understanding of the final price what should be or expect. Will be applied according to how you selected “Price changed by?”.

Price change for

Here is 2 options, with the ability to make price changes across all products or within specific categories or attributes:
1) All products + categories + attributes: on selecting this, changes will apply to all products and any category or attribute. Here you can also exclude specific products, categories or product attributes.
2) Selected products + categories + attributes: on selecting this, changes will apply to selected products, categories and attributes only.

Selected products


The new pricing strategy implemented will target specific products, categories, or attributes within the product range, ensuring a more targeted approach to pricing adjustments.
This will allow for a more strategic and tailored pricing structure that takes into account the unique characteristics of each product or category, maximizing profitability and competitiveness in the market.
However no matter what is product type, variable, simple, variation.

Selected categories

This allows businesses to have more control over their pricing strategies, enabling them to respond quickly to market trends and customer demands.
By targeting specific categories, businesses can optimize their pricing strategies and maximize profitability. Additionally, this product ensures accuracy and consistency in price changes, reducing the risk of errors and minimizing the time and effort required for manual updates.

Selected attributes


This innovative option offers a unique solution for businesses looking to customize pricing based on specific attributes of their products.
With the ability to change prices for selected product attributes only, this tool allows for greater flexibility and control over pricing strategies.
Whether it’s adjusting prices based on size, color, or any other attribute, this product makes it easy to tailor pricing to meet the needs of both the business and its customers.

For specific date time

By utilizing this feature, you can easily define the start and end dates, as well as the precise time duration, during which the new prices will be in effect.
This means that you have the power to tailor your pricing structure to match your business needs, without the hassle of manually adjusting prices every time.
User roles

By implementing this user role-based changes, businesses can enhance their customer experience by offering personalized pricing to different user groups.
This can help businesses attract and retain customers, increase customer loyalty, and drive repeat purchases. Overall, this provides businesses with a powerful tool to optimize their pricing strategy and maximize revenue from different customer segments.
Mean while changes will be applied to selected user roles only.
Only role based products discount plugin is here >>

User countries


This plugin highlights the implementation of new pricing strategies that target specific countries.
By applying new prices for selected countries only, this plugin aims to cater to the diverse needs and economic conditions of different regions. This approach allows for a more tailored pricing structure, ensuring that customers in these selected countries can benefit from competitive and affordable pricing at checkout by providing billing country.

Payment gateways

This option allows us to apply new prices based on a specific list of approved payment gateways.
This feature ensures that the prices are adjusted only when the user’s chosen payment gateway matches the approved list at the checkout stage.
This functionality provides a secure and seamless payment process for users, as it ensures that the prices are accurately reflected based on the selected payment gateway.

Translate ready


Spanish, Italian, French, German, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Polish( for other languages, WPML compatible and can translate by any translation plugin ).


About Price Changer For WooCommerce – Plugin
I recently purchased the plugin and I must say, I am highly impressed with its performance. It works flawlessly and has made my work so much easier. The interface is user-friendly and I was able to set it up without any hassle.
Joseph M
Nice plugin. I found which I’m looking for. Quick support and user friendly team.
Mark Martinez
Yes, this is great and easy to use.
B David


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