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Price Changer For WooCommerce ( A WordPress Plugin – Pro version )

Bulk product price changer plugin for WordPressWooCommerce.


This is Supported for any product type like:
Simple, Variable, WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Subscriptions ( simple and variable subscription also ).


Change products price in WooCommerce store, without affect database and edit/update original price from admin product page( prices remain same in database and admin side ). No matter even you have listed millions of products in your store and it is any product type.


Change prices for selected products, categories or attributes. You can exclude same if selected for all products and categories. You can also select or exclude whole variable product or it’s selected variation only. Selected changes for selected user roles only or for any user roles.


Revert back to original prices? It is so simple and easy: Simply disable plugin or enter changing amount /percentage to 0 or empty, that’s it.


Plugin options

Enable plugin?

If selected No, this plugin’s all functionality will be disable.

Price action?

Here you can choose price action  : Want to increase or decrease.

Registered users only?

If selected Yes, changes will be applied to registered users only, otherwise to all.

User first order only?

If selected Yes, changes will be applied to user’s first order only, otherwise to all.

Price change by?

Here you can select, how you want to price change : by percentages or specific amount.

Price rounded?

Here you can specify, want to show final price rounded(0 value after decimal).

Enter % or amount

Here you can enter specific % or amount, according to how you selected “Price changed by?” will be applied.

Price change for

Here is 2 options:
1) All products + categories + attributes on selecting this, changes will apply to all products and any category or attribute. Here you can also exclude specific products, categories or product attributes.
2) Selected products + categories + attributes: on selecting this, changes will apply to selected products, categories and  attributes.

Selected products

Here you can select products for apply changes. Any product type, variable, simple, variation. attributes in this.

Selected categories

Here you can select categories for apply changes.

Selected attributes

Here you can select product attributes for apply changes.

For specific date time

Here you can set, Start date-time and End date-time. So prices changes will be affected till set date-time. After date time, prices will be show as original.

User roles

Here you can specify, if changes for specific roles only or for any roles.

User countries

Here you can specify, if changes for specific countries only or for any country.

Payment gateways

Here you can specify, if changes for specific payment gateways only or for any payment gateway.

Translate ready for:

Spanish, Italian, French, German, Hungarian, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese ( for other languages, WPML compatible and can translate by any translation plugin )


  1. B David

    Yes, this is great and easy to use.

  2. Mark Martinez (verified owner)

    Nice plugin. I found which I’m looking for. Quick support and user friendly team.

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Few frequently asked questions, may be helpful.
Is this compatible with latest WordPress and WooCommerce?

Yes, as we always trying to keep this updated and make compatible with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.

How can I download plugin and license key after payment?

Once you place order and your payment status confirmed, you'll immediately eligible for download plugin and your license key from confirmation page and My Account section > orders on our website. License key send to your registered email also.

How will I get plugin updates?

On releasing new version updates from us for this plugin, you'll get notified in WordPress plugins section( until your license status active and valid ) as you're seeing other plugin updates.

Can I use this plugin after my license has been expired?

Yes, but you will lost your plugin updates and any support from us. We recommend you always renew your license on time to get latest updates and support.

You know WordPress and WooCommerce always getting something new/updated/fixed time to time. So keep updated and renew the license for uninterrupted smooth experience.


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