Bulk Product Attributes

This plugin allows users to create and add bulk product attributes by uploading an Excel or CSV file or entering them manually in WooCommerce.


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Bulk Product Attributes – A WordPress Plugin for Add/Create unlimited global product attributes in WooCommerce, also can bulk delete product attributes.


Import global product attributes through Excel or CSV file in WooCommerce.

You have the option to efficiently create bulk product attributes by either uploading an Excel file or manually entering the attributes. This feature allows you to save time and effort when adding multiple attributes to your products. By uploading an Excel file, you can easily import a large number of attributes at once, streamlining the process and ensuring accuracy. Alternatively, if you prefer to enter the attributes manually, Plugin provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to input the details quickly and easily.


This functionality is particularly useful for online store owners who have a wide range of products with varying attributes. Whether you are adding size, color, material, or any other product attribute, this plugin makes it simple to manage and update these details in bulk. By utilizing the Excel upload or manual entry options, you can ensure that your product catalog is organized and consistent, providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Our flexible attribute creation tools, you can easily customize your products to meet the needs of your target audience and enhance the overall shopping experience on your e-commerce platform..


— Easily enhance your product catalog by effortlessly adding or creating an unlimited number of bulk product attributes. This can be done in two convenient ways – either by uploading an Excel or CSV file containing the desired attributes and their corresponding term values, or by manually entering the information. By providing these options, we ensure that you have the flexibility to choose the method that suits your needs best.


— Furthermore, our platform empowers you to efficiently manage your product attributes by offering the ability to bulk delete existing attributes. This feature saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to streamline your catalog and remove any attributes that are no longer relevant or necessary. With this comprehensive attribute management system, you have full control over your product data, enabling you to optimize your catalog and provide accurate and detailed information to your customers.


— You have the option to access the Excel file for inputting information in the appropriate layout to establish new product attributes via a file within the WooCommerce platform. This Excel file serves as a convenient tool for ensuring that the details are entered accurately and efficiently to create new product attributes seamlessly. By utilizing this file, you can streamline the process of adding product attributes to your WooCommerce store, making it easier to manage and update your product listings.


A sample Excel file can downloaded for data format and allows you to input the necessary information in a structured format, ensuring that the new product attributes are created correctly within WooCommerce. This method of entering details through a file simplifies the task of adding product attributes, saving you time and effort in the process. With this Excel file, you can easily organize and input the required data, making it easier to maintain a well-organized product catalog on your WooCommerce store.


— You can also Export All Product Attributes into a comprehensive file for easy editing and updating. This will allow you to efficiently manage and modify the available attributes before re-uploading them back into the system. By consolidating all the product attributes into one file, you can make bulk changes and ensure consistency across all attributes. This streamlined process will save you time and effort when updating product information.


— The exported file will contain all the necessary information for each global product attribute, making it convenient to make changes or additions as needed. This method ensures that you have a clear overview of all available attributes, making it easier to identify any gaps or inconsistencies in the data. By editing and updating the attributes in a single file, you can ensure that the changes are accurately reflected when re-uploading the file back into the system. This organized approach to managing product attributes will help streamline your workflow and improve the overall efficiency of your product management process in WooCommerce.


Plugin options
Download sample file

To create bulk product attributes in WooCommerce, you can download a sample file that allows you to input attribute details. This file serves as a template where you can specify various attributes for your products in a convenient and efficient manner. By utilizing this feature, you can streamline the process of adding attributes to multiple products simultaneously, saving you time and effort. Simply download the sample file, fill in the necessary attribute details, and import it into WooCommerce to effortlessly create bulk product attributes.
Create unlimited attributes

Plugin offers a convenient feature that allows users to effortlessly create an unlimited number of product attributes. This can be done by simply uploading an excel file, which follows the specific format provided in the sample file that can be downloaded. Uploading a file, plugin will create new attributes and it’s terms/values seamlessly, accurate. The plugin is designed to effortlessly generate new attributes and their corresponding terms/values with utmost precision and speed.
Add attribute manually

To manually include a new product attribute in WooCommerce, here is the option to input the attribute details including terms yourself, one by one to create unlimited attributes. This allows you to customize and add specific attributes to your products as needed and use when adding new products in WooCommerce.
Re-generate terms/values

There is an option to update the terms and values of the product attributes in WooCommerce, you can regenerate them if needed by selecting option when upload file. This simply deleting the existing ones and creating new ones for available/matched attributes. This process involves removing the current terms and values associated with the product attributes and then adding new ones with updated information. By doing so, you can ensure that the product attributes accurately reflect the latest details and specifications of your available products in WooCommerce.
Export all attributes

This plugin is equipped with a feature that allows you to export all product attributes into a single Excel file for the purpose of re-importing them with updated information in WooCommerce. This functionality streamlines the process of updating product details by providing a convenient way to make bulk changes to attributes and then re-import them back into the system with ease.
Bulk delete attribute

The WooCommerce plugin lacks a crucial feature that allows users to bulk delete selected product attributes and it’s terms all at once. This missing functionality greatly limits the efficiency and convenience of managing product attributes within the plugin. However, we covered and providing this feature in the plugin to easily and quickly delete multiple selected product attributes simultaneously with it’s terms, saving them valuable time and effort in their WooCommerce store management tasks.
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Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, French, Polish, Russian and Czech( for other languages, WPML compatible and translate by any translation plugin ).



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