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A WordPress Plugin for set/show different prices by user country ( country fetching by user ip address instead of user billing or shipping address in WooCommerce store.


You can set product prices for different countries by increasing or decreasing prices in percentage.


This Plugin offers a convenient way to set different prices for each country.


This plugin allows website owners to easily display different prices for products and services based on the user’s country. This is especially useful for businesses that sell internationally and need to adjust pricing based on currency exchange rates and other factors.


With this plugin, website owners can set price percentage ( for increase or decrease ) for each country. This ensures that customers see the most relevant and accurate pricing for their location, increasing transparency and trust in the purchasing process.


The functionality of this plugin is to accurately identify the user’s country based on their IP address, rather than relying on their billing or shipping county( no matter which country is selected by user in billing or shipping section, because plugin does not fetch/read it as plugin title ). This allows for a more efficient and accurate way of determining a user’s location, as IP addresses are unique to each device and can provide a more reliable indication of a user’s country.


Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adjusting prices for different countries. Install the “Different Price By Country IP” plugin today and provide a personalized and convenient shopping experience for your global customers.


This plugin is supported for any product type like:
Simple, Variable, Variation, Grouped, WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Subscriptions ( simple and variable subscription also ).


You need to just set percentages for each country which you want to show increased or decreased price from plugin settings page, that’s it.


Plugin options:

    • ☞ Show prices rounded

— Plugin option allows you to choose how prices to be displayed on the website. Show prices rounded to the nearest whole number, for example $10 instead of $9.99, or can choose to prices displayed with decimals, such as $9.99.

    • ☞ Exclude categories

— Plugin also have option that can be found in many e-commerce platforms is the ability to exclude specific categories from showing default prices. This means that instead of displaying the set price for a particular country, the default price will be shown. This can be beneficial for businesses that want to offer special pricing for certain categories or products, while still maintaining consistency with the default prices for other items. It can also be useful for displaying accurate prices for products that have frequent price changes or sales. This option allows for more flexibility and control over pricing strategies, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses.

    • ☞ Exclude Products

— Plugin option allows you to choose specific products that will not be affected by any price changes made here. This means that instead of setting default prices for entire categories, you can now exclude individual products from these changes rule. This gives you more control over your pricing strategy and allows you to cater to the unique pricing needs of certain products. By using this option, you can ensure that your customers always see the correct and updated prices for the products they are interested in, without having to change the prices for the entire category. This can also be helpful in cases where certain products have different costs or pricing structures compared to others in the same category.

    • ☞ Exclude Users

— This also allows you to exclude specific users from the price changes based on their email address. This means that you can provide customized pricing for certain users while keeping the default price for others. This option is especially useful for offering special deals or discounts to loyal customers, while still maintaining your regular pricing for new or occasional customers.

    • ☞ Translate ready

— Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, French, Portuguese, Swedish and Czech( for other languages: WPML compatible and translate by any translation plugin ).



Few frequently asked questions, may be helpful.
Is this compatible with latest WordPress and WooCommerce?

Yes, as we always trying to keep this updated and make compatible with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.

How can I download plugin and license key after payment?

Once you place order and your payment status confirmed, you'll immediately eligible for download plugin and your license key from confirmation page and My Account section > orders on our website. License key send to your registered email also.

How will I get plugin updates?

On releasing new version updates from us for this plugin, you'll get notified in WordPress plugins section( until your license status active and valid ) as you're seeing other plugin updates.

Can I use this plugin after my license has been expired?

Yes, but you will lost your plugin updates and any support from us. We recommend you always renew your license on time to get latest updates and support.

You know WordPress and WooCommerce always getting something new/updated/fixed time to time. So keep updated and renew the license for uninterrupted smooth experience.


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