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Order Tracking Plugin For WooCommerce.


Replace WooCommerce default order tracking page/functionality with advanced design and layout for customers to track their current order status in WordPress – WooCommerce store.


Customers can track their order by entering order number and order email.


To show/create tracking page, need to place plugin shortcode in page content.


Plugin will add/create new order statuses in default WooCommerce order statuses like : Shipped and Delivered.


Can map the processing, shipped and delivered status and also can provide custom label to these statuses.


Can specify expected delivery days and delay days( in days ), for show to customers expected delivery date. If any delayed, Will be show Delayed label on tracking page.


Plugin options:

General Tab:

Expected delivery days

Here you can specify expected delivery in days.

Delay delivery days

Here you can specify delivery delay in days.

Labels Tab:

Top instructions

Here you can specify text/details, will be show on tracking page on top like instructions/info.

Form title

Tracking form title

Form order title

Order ID or Order Number

Form email title


Expected status label

On the way/Arriving

Delay status label

Like Delayed

Order address label

On the way to address

Order delivery between label

Expected delivery between

Track button label

Like Track

Not found label

If order not found on track, specify label/message

Processing Tab:

Processing status

Here you can select your processing status

Processing label

Here you can specify text when order status is processing

Shipped Tab:

Ship between label

Here you can specify text like Expected ship between etc.

Shipped status

Here you can select your shipped status

Order shipped label

Here you can specify text when order status is shipped like in transit, shippped etc.

Delivered Tab:

Delivered status

Here you can select your delivered status

Order delivered label

Here you can specify text when order status is delivered/completed like Delivered, Completed etc.


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Few frequently asked questions, may be helpful.
Is this compatible with latest WordPress and WooCommerce?

Yes, as we always trying to keep this updated and make compatible with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.

How can I download plugin and license key after payment?

Once you place order and your payment status confirmed, you'll immediately eligible for download plugin and your license key from confirmation page and My Account section > orders on our website. License key send to your registered email also.

How will I get plugin updates?

On releasing new version updates from us for this plugin, you'll get notified in WordPress plugins section( until your license status active and valid ) as you're seeing other plugin updates.

Can I use this plugin after my license has been expired?

Yes, but you will lost your plugin updates and any support from us. We recommend you always renew your license on time to get latest updates and support.

You know WordPress and WooCommerce always getting something new/updated/fixed time to time. So keep updated and renew the license for uninterrupted smooth experience.


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