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Product Auto Expiry For WooCommerce

A WordPress Plugin for set products/variations availability auto to unavailable in WooCommerce store.


You can set product availability till specific date time only.

Ideal for Courses, Tickets, Events, Products, Subscription etc.

WooCommerce product expiry date. Product auto expire after date, no further purchase possible after date.


Product Auto Expiry For WooCommerce: offers a convenient way to set the availability of products/variations on your website.It allows you to specify a date and time when the product will become unavailable, so you won’t have to manually monitor and adjust the product’s availability.


This plugin is ideal for businesses that need to manage the availability of their products in a timely manner, such as businesses that offer limited-time promotions/services.

It’s easy to set up and use, giving you more control over the availability of your products.


This plugin is supported for any product type like:
Simple, Variable, Variation, Grouped, WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Subscriptions ( simple and variable subscription also ).


You can set Product or Variations or whole Variable Product Auto Expire( out of stock or even delete ) on specific date time in WooCommerce store.

In short any product can schedule and available only till specific date time and this is designed for any product types.


You can set product expiry date time and action( out of stock or delete ) on relative product/variation edit page or even more and convenient way from plugin bulk edit page.


Plugin options
Set expiry for Whole product

This allows you to easily set an expiry date and time for your entire product, as well as for each variation of a variable product or simple, grouped etc products. This feature enables you to provide your customers with accurate information about the product will become unavailable. By setting an expiry date and time for your products, you can also optimize inventory management by ensuring that products are sold within their optimal lifespan/availability/stock. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple to set expiry dates and times for your products, whether you’re managing a single product or a complex variable product with multiple variations. Our platform is designed to help you streamline your operations and provide a more engaging and informative shopping experience for your customers.
Bulk edit/update expiry

Plugin have unique interface for bulk editing and updating product expiry and actions. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses dealing with perishable goods or time-sensitive products. With just a few clicks, you can easily update the expiry dates of multiple products simultaneously, ensuring that your inventory is always accurate and up-to-date.
Show/Hide timer like countdown

In Pro version we provides the option to show or hide a timer-like countdown on product pages. This feature is ideal for businesses selling products with limited quantities or time-bound promotions. The countdown adds a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging customers to make a purchase before the product runs out or the promotion expires. Our customizable timer can be easily integrated into your product pages, providing an engaging and interactive shopping experience for your customers. Whether you’re running a flash sale or promoting a limited edition item, our timer feature is the perfect tool to help you maximize sales and customer engagement. You can change timer colours to custom colours which match your theme.
Every product different timer

This also allows you to show a unique countdown timer for each individual product. This feature is perfect for businesses selling products with varying expiration dates, promotional periods, or limited quantities. By displaying a customized countdown timer for each product, your customers will have a clear understanding of the product’s availability and urgency.
Custom out of stock text

Our platform offers the ability to customize the out-of-stock text that appears on your product pages. Instead of displaying the default “out of stock” message, you can create a more personalized and engaging message for every product/variation different that better reflects your brand and product offerings. This feature allows you to provide a better customer experience by communicating more clearly and effectively when a product is unavailable. By customizing the out-of-stock text, you can also provide alternative product recommendations or suggest similar products that are still in stock, helping to reduce customer frustration and improve overall satisfaction.
Show custom text/message

— In addition to customizing the out-of-stock text, our platform also allows you to show a custom text or message above the product. This feature provides an excellent opportunity to highlight promotional offers, product features, or any other important information that you want to draw your customers’ attention to. By displaying a custom message above the product, you can also provide additional context or instructions, such as how to use the product or how it compares to similar products. This feature can help you improve customer engagement and conversion rates by providing a more personalized and informative shopping experience.
Show expiry datetime

— This offers a unique feature that allows you to display the unavailability date and time( in human readable format ) of your products directly within the custom text using a placeholder: {datetime}. This feature enables you to inform your customers about the exact date and time when a product will become unavailable, providing them with ample time to make a purchase decision.
Translate ready


Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, French, Polish, Russian and Czech( for other languages, WPML compatible and translate by any translation plugin ).


About Product Auto Expiry
Nice plugin and easy to use. Great support from the team. Using without any problem or issues. Work well with latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce. Exactly as described by website.
Ardalion Popov


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