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RoleDis – A role based products discount Plugin for WooCommerce. Set and apply custom Role Discount ( role based discount ) according to user role in WooCommerce store.


Role based discount plugin WooCommerce.

Enhance your WooCommerce store with our innovative plugin RoleDis that allows you to offer role based product discounts, providing a personalized shopping experience for your customers.

With the ability to display custom messages on product pages, you can communicate important information or promotions directly to your audience, increasing engagement and sales. Upgrade your online store today and start maximizing your revenue potential with our user-friendly solution.


— Our role based discount plugin (RoleDis) allows you to create a sense of exclusivity for your wholesale customers or any custom role users, encouraging them to continue purchasing from your store and increasing their loyalty to your brand.


— By offering product discounts specifically for VIP members, you can reward their loyalty and make them feel valued, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


— For any buyers( with custom role ), our role based product discount feature enables you to entice them to make their initial purchase by offering a special discount, increasing the likelihood of them becoming repeat customers in the future.


— With the ability to customize discount by percentages, amount or fixed percentages based on user roles, you can tailor your promotions to different customer segments, ensuring that each group receives incentives that are most appealing to them.


— Our advanced discount plugin system ensures that the discount is applied only when the minimum quantity requirement is met, allowing you to incentivize bulk purchases and increase sales.


— By providing targeted promotions and incentives based on user roles, you can effectively drive repeat purchases from existing customers who may be more inclined to make additional purchases when presented with personalized discounts.


— Additionally, our role based product discount plugin allows you to show custom discount message to users on product page in WooCommerce, attract new customers by offering discounts that are specifically tailored to their needs and preferences, making your store more appealing and increasing the likelihood of them choosing your brand over competitors.


Plugin options
Enable/Disable for role

Easily manage role discounts with this feature that allows you to toggle them on or off for specific roles. To handle role discounts with this feature, giving you the ability to quickly activate or deactivate them for specific roles.
Show discount message

Easily control whether the discount custom message is shown or hidden for the role, providing a tailored experience to users. Customize the visibility of the discount custom message for specific roles to offer a personalized experience to users.
No discount with coupons

Here we can control, whether role discount is applicable if used any store discount coupon at checkout, there is no additional discount applied. In other words, the discount provided by the coupon is the only discount that will be applied. This means that customers should not expect any further reduction in price when using a store discount coupon.
Hide cart discount details

There is an option to show or hide discount details at the cart. As default, plugin will show product discount details at cart for items. This feature allows customers to easily view the discounts applied to their purchases or choose to hide this information if they prefer. By providing this flexibility, it enhances the user experience and gives customers more control over how they interact with the discount information. This feature can help improve transparency and clarity in the shopping process, ultimately leading to a more positive customer experience.
Discount type

Here we can select discount type. Plugin offered and calculated by three types of discounts: Percentage, Amount, and Fixed Percentage (where all options are multiplied by quantity except for Fixed Percentage). This information highlights the various ways in which discounts can be applied in a retail or business setting. Understanding these different discount types can help businesses effectively implement pricing strategies and promotions to attract customers and drive sales. It is important to consider the specific circumstances and goals of the business when deciding which type of discount to use. By utilizing these discount options strategically, businesses can optimize their pricing structures and enhance their overall profitability.
Discount figure

We highlights the ability to provide a discount figure, which can be based on either a percentage or a specific amount. The final calculation will depend on the discount type selected in a previous option. This feature allows for flexibility in applying discounts to transactions, catering to different pricing strategies and customer preferences. It streamlines the process of applying discounts and ensures accurate calculations based on the chosen discount type.
Minimum quantity

Control discounts based on specific conditions, such as quantity thresholds. This feature provides flexibility in managing discounts and promotions, allowing for targeted and customized pricing strategies. By setting conditions for when discounts apply, businesses can optimize their pricing strategies to incentivize bulk purchases or reward loyal customers. Overall, this feature enhances the ability to tailor discounts to meet specific business objectives and customer needs. Suppose, discount want to apply only when customer purchasing minimum 5pcs. So as result, if customer purchasing 5pcs or more then discount will be applied otherwise none.
Products/batch discount


Concept of setting products as a batch in order to offer different discounts. This approach allows for flexibility in pricing strategies and can be beneficial for businesses looking to attract customers with varying preferences. By grouping products together and applying discounts accordingly, companies can effectively target different customer segments and drive sales. This method also enables businesses to create promotions that incentivize customers to purchase multiple items, increasing overall revenue. Overall, setting products as a batch with different discounts can be a strategic way to optimize pricing and maximize profitability.
Cetategories/batch discount


Select categories in a batch that will be offered different discounts. This suggests that there is a need to categorize items or products in order to apply specific discount rates or promotions to each category. By doing so, businesses can tailor their discounts based on the characteristics or attributes of the products within each category. This approach allows for more targeted and effective marketing strategies, as different categories may require different discounting strategies to maximize sales and customer engagement. Overall, the text emphasizes the importance of categorization in offering differentiated discounts.

Plugin have ability to control which products, categories, or users are excluded from applying discounts as a priority. This feature allows for more targeted and strategic discounting strategies. By being able to exclude certain items or groups from discounts, businesses can better manage their pricing and promotions. This level of control can help optimize sales and profitability by ensuring discounts are applied where they will have the most impact. Overall, the text emphasizes the importance of having the flexibility to exclude specific products, categories, or users from discounts to maximize the effectiveness of promotional efforts.
Priority role

Here is option to select a user priority role in order to calculate and apply a discount when the user has been assigned multiple roles. This suggests that the system has the capability to prioritize certain roles over others when determining the discount that should be applied. This feature allows for more flexibility and customization in discount calculations based on the user’s assigned roles.
Custom message

Display a custom message with placeholders on a product page, showcasing discount details specifically for registered users. For visitors who are not logged in, a generic message with predefined details like login can be shown. This feature allows for personalized communication with registered users while still providing basic information to visitors. It emphasizes the importance of tailoring messaging based on user status to enhance the overall shopping experience.
Discount label

Set a discount label text that will be displayed at checkout to show the total discount. This feature allows for clear communication with customers regarding any discounts applied to their purchase. It ensures transparency and helps in managing customer expectations during the checkout process. By customizing the discount label text, businesses can effectively convey the value of the discount and enhance the overall shopping experience for their customers. This feature can be a valuable tool in driving sales and building customer loyalty.
Translate ready


Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, French, Polish, Russian and Czech( for other languages, WPML compatible and translate by any translation plugin ).



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