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RoleDis A role based discounts Plugin for WooCommerce. Set and apply custom Role Discount ( role based product discounts ) according to user role in WooCommerce store.

Enhance your WooCommerce store with our innovative plugin RoleDis that allows you to offer role based product discounts, providing a personalized shopping experience for your customers.

With the ability to display custom messages on product pages, you can communicate important information or promotions directly to your audience, increasing engagement and sales. Upgrade your online store today and start maximizing your revenue potential with our user-friendly solution.

— Our role-based product discount plugin RoleDis allows you to create a sense of exclusivity for your wholesale customers or any custom role users, encouraging them to continue purchasing from your store and increasing their loyalty to your brand.

— By offering discounts specifically for VIP members, you can reward their loyalty and make them feel valued, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

— For first-time buyers, our role-based product discount feature enables you to entice them to make their initial purchase by offering a special discount, increasing the likelihood of them becoming repeat customers in the future.

— With the ability to customize discount by percentages, amount or fixed percentages based on user roles, you can tailor your promotions to different customer segments, ensuring that each group receives incentives that are most appealing to them.

— Our advanced discount system ensures that the discount is applied only when the minimum quantity requirement is met, allowing you to incentivize bulk purchases and increase sales.

— By providing targeted promotions and incentives based on user roles, you can effectively drive repeat purchases from existing customers who may be more inclined to make additional purchases when presented with personalized discounts.

— Additionally, our role-based product discount plugin allows you to show custom discount message to users on product page, attract new customers by offering discounts that are specifically tailored to their needs and preferences, making your store more appealing and increasing the likelihood of them choosing your brand over competitors.


Plugin options

    • ☞ Enable/Disable for role

— Easily manage role discounts with this feature that allows you to toggle them on or off for specific roles.

    • ☞ Show discount message

— Easily control whether the discount custom message is shown or hidden for the role, providing a tailored experience to users.

    • ☞ No discount with coupons

— By this, we can control whether role discount is applicable if used any store discount coupon at checkout.

    • ☞ Hide cart discount details

— On default, plugin will show product discount details at cart for items. If checked this option, discount details will be hide for the items at cart page.

    • ☞ Discount type

— Here we can select discount type. There is 3 types of discount: Percentage, Amount and Fixed percentage( all options multiplied by quantity except this ).

    • ☞ Discount

— Here we can provide discount figure which will be act according to selected discount type in previous option.

  • ☞ Minimum quantity

— This offers a unique feature that allows you to control discount is applicable if quantity is more than or specific. Suppose, discount want to apply only when customer purchasing minimum 5pcs. So as result, if customer purchasing 5pcs or more then discount will be applied otherwise none.

  • ☞ + Following products/batch have different discount

— Here we can create many different groups of products by selecting multiple products, which need to apply same discount rule at once.

  • ☞ + Following categories/batch have different discount

— Same as products, we can create many different groups of categories by selecting multiple categories, which need to apply same discount rule at once.

  • ☞ Excludes

— Here we can exclude any products, categories or users as priority base.

  • ☞ Priority role

— Here we can select user priority role to calculate and apply discount when user have assigned multiple roles.

  • ☞ Custom message

— We can show custom message on product page with discount details to registered users and guest message for visitors.

  • ☞ Discount label

— We can set discount label, which will show at checkout for total discount.

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